PhoboSys helps its clients to successfully finish their software projects. This involves the development of a custom application but also consulting or implementation work for a single mile stone. If a client wants us to implement an application for him, we start with an analysis of the requirements. Due to this, we can design a graphical user interface (if necessary) and the corresponding software architecture. Afterwards, the implementation starts and final tests ensure a high degree of software quality.

We also support our customers in finishing their own software projects. In this case, we join the clients development team and help with our know-how. You will find below a detailed list of our services.


Before the implementation begins, a detailed analysis is necessary. This ensures a high degree of quality and maintainability. Therefore, we help our clients to specify use cases and requirements which leads to a precise software architecture. PhoboSys documents the corresponding results with UML which can be used for automated code generation too.


During implementation phase, we develop your custom software application. Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Embedded Systems
  • J2EE Enterprise Applications
  • Smartphone Apps for Android and iOS

Besides new applications, we also maintain our clients existing projects.

Quality Ensurance

Besides planning and implementation phase, quality ensurance becomes more and more important in software projects. Therefore, we design unit tests for our customers which verify the functionality of different components. To avoid security problems, PhoboSys performs code reviews and tests network interfaces for different kind of attack vectors.